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What has “wisdom” to do with loans; aren’t the best loans the cheapest ones?

“Wisdom” is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement”.

In determining what is the “best” housing loan, the common strategy is generally as such:

  • Identify the bank with the “lowest” interest rates (typically measured as the lowest average rates over 3 years);
  • Submit the loan application and wait for the approval;
  • Accept loan

This approach, however, does present certain blind spots:

  • Does not take into consideration (and plan for) current financial situation;
  • Loan approval process is a “black box”; approval process generally left up to the bank;
  • Selection criteria of loan package tends to look only at the short term. Frequent refinancing required every few years to keep financing costs low;
  • No post-acceptance strategy to lower interest costs.

At wiseloans.sg, we work closely with our clients to minimise all blind spots; and improve the chances of approval and look at reducing interest costs for the longer term.


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